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Nidhi Dutta: Dad's the word!

J. P. Dutta


Mumbai, April 29 -- JP Dutta's daughter, Nidhi Dutta, who is set to make her acting debut, is strictly following her film-maker father's instructions.

An industry source reveals that Nidhi has informed the makers of her unwillingness to enact intimate scenes on the big screen. "She is making her debut alongside actor Nafisa Ali's son, Ajit Sodhi, in a film by first-time director Binoy Gandhi.

"Kissing and other intimate scenes are a common feature in films today, and the makers had included some in their script too. But Nidhi has asked for them to be removed, saying that her father doesn't want her to enact such scenes," says the source.

Excessive skin show is also a big no-no for Nidhi, who is likely to put forth these conditions for all her future projects too. "She has decided to choose her next films carefully, even if that means doing fewer roles," adds the source.

When contacted, Nidhi confirmed the development, and said, "I have always believed that a woman can be sexy even if she is covered up. I think Indian women have proved that. I am playing a girl-next-door (in the film), so I didn't need to enact any steamy scenes."