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Oscars mean something, Indian awards don't: Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Ali Khan


He might have won a number of film awards, but actor Irrfan Khan thinks that they don’t hold any meaning in the long run.

In a recent interview, the 49-year-old actor said that awards in India do not help someone in their career growth. “Winning awards don’t do anything for any actor or director. It will not get you more money or better offers since there’s no credibility to them. It’s not something that one puts in their resume.” he believes.

Irrfan further adds that unlike Academy awards, members of the Bollywood film fraternity cannot boast about the awards that they receive here. “In the West, Academy awards or Golden Globes have a lot of significance. If someone wins an award there, their graph goes up. They get better movies, and obviously the money also shoots up. Par yahan aath-aath award jeet lete hain, aur uska kuch asar nahi hota,” he adds.

Moreover, referring to the National awards, Irrfan says in jest, “They will more likely lose work rather than get it. (Winning a national award) is a great satisfaction for an artist because it is given by the government. But it has no impact on an artist’s career.”

Irrfan joins a host of celebrities who believe that the majority of award ceremonies in India are shallow.

Recently actor Rishi Kapoor, who had won a lifetime achievement award, had said in an interview, “I use trophies as doorstops in my home. What they have done to film awards is extremely tragic. Agar sabko khush karna hai toh phir awards ka matlab kya hua? They had pleaded me to accept it. They think my work is over, so they keep giving me lifetime achievement awards. My work continues, irrespective of whether they give me an award or not.”