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Jazbaa: Global icons get together for this action thriller

Irrfan Ali Khan


Mumbai, Oct. 5 -- The Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan-starrer Jazbaa is making news for its unique casting. Film-maker Sanjay Gupta has managed a casting coup of sorts by bringing together the two global icons who have made their mark in Hollywood.

And the actors, too, are excited about the project. "Working with Aishwarya was a wonderful experience. We shared a great bond. I was looking forward to working with her, and hence, the chemistry we shared on the sets was very natural.

That is exactly what you will see in the film as well," says Irrfan. He adds that he was impressed with how Aishwarya handled her personal and professional life. "She is a pure soul. The best thing is to see her balancing her work and her personal life. She took perfect care of her daughter and shot for the film too."

Though it's an action thriller, the film is also highly emotional, and that is what drew Aishwarya to it.

"Jazbaa was just the kind of movie I wanted to do. It is the subject that I said yes to as it was relatable to me. If Jazbaa had come to me three or five years back, I would have still agreed to do the film, but the whole experience of becoming a mother in real life, and then playing the role of Anuradha Verma helped me have that integrity and truth towards the role. The movie is socially relevant, and will make people sit up and think," says Aishwarya.