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Irrfan Khan: Why would I make a film on Kejriwal?

Irrfan Ali Khan


Mumbai, Oct. 17 -- Irrfan Khan is among the few Indian actors known for taking up challenging and offbeat roles. While he busies himself with Hindi films, Hollywood projects and his production house, we caught up with him to get clarity on his next film, which is reportedly based on Indian politician Arvind Kejriwal. He also talks about his recent release, upcoming projects, and more.

There are rumours that your next film is based on Kejriwal and his movement?

That's not true. Dur dur tak koi lena dena nahi hai (it has nothing to do with it at all). The film is an emotional thriller and it's in the post-production stage right now. I want to make a movie that entertains people. Why would I make a film on Arvind Kejriwal at this point?

Are you producing any other films?

I have already produced one, The Lunchbox (2013). Then, there's one by Nishikant (Kamat). And the third will be made by Mira Nair's nephew, Ishaan. But I am not acting in it. Just because I am producing a movie doesn't mean I will be acting in it.

The Lunchbox did exceptionally well overseas. But don't you feel surprised that there

wasn't so much buzz around its performance in India?

Whatever the film has done is history now. And I feel if we go ahead with the current model, which includes collaborating with production houses from abroad, associating with talent coming from different countries and making films with interesting storylines, we will have more substantial films in the future. It's a local film that has done well in the international market. That has never happened earlier.

You are also working with Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan.

Once Shoojit (Sircar) tells me that we can talk about that film, then I will. I think that's why Bachchan saab and Deepika are also mum about it. We have already started shooting for the movie and are done with its first schedule.

Have you wrapped up work on your next international film?

Yes, the work on Jurassic World is over. It has been an outstanding experience. We will talk about it closer to the release date.

Haider has been received quite well. Were you confident about it?

It's not an easy play (William Shakespeare's Hamlet) to adapt as it has a lot of complexities. But I think Vishal (Bhardwaj) has done a superb job. Even when I accepted the part, I knew he would do justice to it. Although all the performances have been extraordinary, I must say Shahid (Kapoor) has delivered an impressive performance and has ventured into a completely new territory.