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Irrfan Khan teams up with AIB..

Irrfan Ali Khan


Mumbai, Aug. 3 -- Irrfan Khan is known for his more intense parts - be it his roles in films such as Maqbool (2003) and A Mighty Heart (2007), or those in Paan Singh Tomar (2012) or The Lunchbox (2013).

But now, the actor is set to tap into his funny side for a new project. Irrfan will be seen in a video created by the members of the stand-up comedy group, All India Bakc**d (AIB).

Talking about the video, Tanmay Bhat of AIB says, "The video is a parody of the party culture that exists in Bollywood. It talks about how every party song looks, feels and sounds the same."

How did they think of Irrfan for this project? "When we met Vasan Bala, who has directed this video, he suggested Irrfan's name, as he is someone who hasn't done something like this before. We felt it would be interesting to explore this space with Irrfan," says Tanmay. He also reveals how the actor totally took to the idea, even though it had some dancing involved.

"Once Irrfan agreed to be part of the video, we hired a choreographer, and thrice every day, Irrfan would send me videos suggesting things that he would like to try out. Later, all of us rehearsed together. We also have about 150 AIB fans in the video, and even they were surprised to see Irrfan's participation," adds the stand-up comic.

Apart from Tanmay, AIB comprises Rohan Joshi, Gursimran Khamba and Ashish Shakya.