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Irrfan Khan talks about his new "party song" with AIB

Irrfan Ali Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

This is hands down one of the best videos of AIB till now! Not only is it extremely relevant, it hits the right spot in the most hilarious manner. And of course, we are lucky enough to see Irrfan Khan doing something so different!

He’s usually playing a serious character, who may be extremely witty, but never really doing any slap-stick comedy. No wonder this video is crashing the Internet! The video is definitely making us smile and love this actor just a little more!

Here’s a short little interview about his experience on working with the team and on the video!

How did the video happen?

People don’t know but there’s a humorous side to me. I have been doing this kind of stuff though the percentage is lesser than the more intense stuff I am known for. I knew of AIB’s work and when they came to me, I loved the concept and the wordings, I felt it was a satire, not just on B-Town but also on me so I agreed to be part of it.

Do you feel other stars like Akshay Kumar who have done party songs might feel irked with the skit?

I don’t even know which party song has been picturised on which star. I haven’t seen any party song ever nor have I done one, so I have no idea which one is a hit or not. I don’t think anybody would be upset by our video as it’s all in good fun. It’s not just about party songs but they are also making fun of me. It’s a satire so it has to be taken in the right spirit. The reactions I have got for it is outstanding. My mobile hasn’t stopped ringing since the video came out. My family, who has seen the video earlier, is very happy.

Would you like to do a party song now that you have done it for a spoof?

I don’t know, it all depends on what stuff it will have… The song should not be a stereotype.

What about a comedy film?

I would love to do one! Actually I have been on the lookout for a good comedy script that entertains me but I haven’t found one quite up to the mark. I can’t do a sex comedy as that’s not my cup of tea. I can’t name a particular comedy which I would love to do, as there are different types of comedies but the content has to be strong and intelligent. I love all kinds of performances from Johny Lever to Peter Sellers.

What comes easier to you: comedy or a serious film?

Both have their challenges and are very enjoyable to perform. Ek driver sab tarah ki gaadiyaan chalata hai and as an actor, so can I.

Well, we would definitely love to see Irrfan do a comedy film. Even better, a party song! Let’s see what he’s got for us in the future. For now, we’re tripping on this one…

If you haven’t seen it yet (OMG), watch it right now, right here! If you have seen it already, see it again, because you can never get enough of that!