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Irrfan Khan: Student support..

Irrfan Ali Khan


Mumbai, April 8 -- While Irrfan Khan already juggles his acting career with his production ventures, the actor has now decided to take out time for initiatives of social relevance. The 48-year-old has collaborated with his acting teacher and a popular name in Kannada theatre, Prasanna, to make villages in Karnataka self-sufficient.

Talking about this association, Irrfan says, "Prasanna was my teacher during my struggling days. For the past many years, he's left everything, and is working for the betterment of villagers. I will help him in his cause in whatever way possible."

He says his campaign aims to address the issue of people leaving villages to migrate to bigger cities for work. As a result, most of these villagers are forgoing their skills and settling for whatever comes their way. "Our aim is to make villages self-sufficient by creating a platform so that villagers can sustain themselves by doing what they are good at - be it agriculture, khadi-weaving or pottery," says the actor.

Irrfan will soon be flying to Bengaluru, Karnataka, to understand the capacity in which he can contribute to the various initiatives undertaken by Prasanna.