Irrfan Ali Khan
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Irrfan Khan looks beyond the script!

Irrfan Ali Khan


New Delhi, Nov. 5 -- A good script is not the only criteria for Irrfan to say yes to a film. The 48-year-old actor gives equal importance to other aspects.

"It is very important to go through the script, but that's not the only thing that I look for when I sign a new film. You have to see what's new for you in the film, what people will expect from you in that role, and what difference you will bring to the project."

The Paan Singh Tomar (2012) star says that it's mostly his instinct that he trusts when signing a film. "I sign almost all my films based on my instinct. I mean, it's like I am probably just going through the first draft of the script and you know that you are doing the film. Of course, there are some subjects that might confuse me, but in most of the cases, my film decisions are based on instinct," he says.