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Irrfan Khan: Game Time!

Irrfan Ali Khan


Mumbai, Feb. 23 -- After establishing himself in India, Irrfan Khan has been gradually cementing his position in Hollywood as well. From A Mighty Heart (2007) and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) to Life Of Pi (2012), he has a number of projects under his belt.

Recently, his name was even announced as part of the film adaptation of author Dan Brown's Inferno, which also stars Tom Hanks. Now, we have learnt that the actor's character in the upcoming instalment of the Jurassic Park franchise has been converted into a plastic figurine and has also been featured in a video game.

A source reveals, "Irrfan plays the character of Simon Masrani, the owner of a dinosaur park. His character is part of both the games that are based on the film. First one is a character game and the other one is a video game. This is a huge thing as both the games will be launched on an international level."

When contacted, Irrfan confirmed the news, saying, "When I got the offer to lend my voice to my character in the game, initially I wasn't sure. Then, I consulted my younger son on whether I should do it. His first question was, 'Do you even know what these games are?' I just said no to see his reaction, and the look he gave me was unbelievable; I can never forget that look. He couldn't believe that my face and voice would be part of the games. I was happy to see my family happy and excited."