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Irrfan: Audience is longing for films with stories

Irrfan Ali Khan


New Delhi, May 21 -- Actor Irrfan khan, who will next be seen in a film alongside Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and a couple of big ticket Hollywood films, says that the audience wants to see films that they can relate to.

"I was waiting to do stories that had some resonance with the audience. We are in a very interesting phase in Bollywood. The audience is longing to see films with stories, which they can engage with. This is the time to redefine commercial flavour and entertainment," says the 48-year-old.

The actor says that he would like to be part of a story which has many layers to it. "Stories don't have to be slice of life anecdotes all the time. It all depends on the way they are written. They should not be one dimensional," says Irrfan, adding, "The 90s were the worst time in Bollywood as we did not have multiplexes at the time. That was a time when we had uni- dimensional films."

The actor further adds that story telling is something that Hollywood also focuses on. "Although they have hard core marketing strategies, they go on upgrading their story telling abilities," he says.