Irrfan Ali Khan
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I want to come back to Delhi again and again: Irrfan

Irrfan Ali Khan

Actor Irrfan Khan who has been a part of the Hindi film industry for more than two decades, feels nostalgic when he recalls his formative days in the capital and wishes to relive them.

"I love Delhi. I have been here many times. I have very fond memories of here and I want to come back again and again. I started Delhi my journey with NSD (National School of Drama) and that changed my life. It was the most precious time; I’ll never forget it," said the 46-year-old, who was in town recently.

The critically acclaimed actor, who has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood as well as Hollywood, also shares his thoughts on what the Hindi film industry lacks.

"The way of storytelling in both the industries is different. They (Hollywood) have found an international language that can connect to any land; their movies travel. Our movies don’t cross over, they are only watched by NRIs. We have to find an international language that can capture the world market,” he said.

Talking about his involvement in commercial cinema, the actor said, “I consider all my films to be commercial. The definition of commercial cinema should be revised. I am trying to redefine the term ... it should have all kind of films and not be narrowed down.”