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I have started the process of producing films: Irrfan Khan


The comedy family entertainer Hindi Medium, starring Irrfan Khan, will have a theatrical release next week. 
Apparently, the film was offered to him a while ago. Talking about what appealed to him about the script, the actor says, “I heard some other star, who I don’t want to name, was interested in the film. However, it came to me. It worked for me due to its unique subject, as well as the director’s profile. It made sense to be part of this film. I enjoyed the process.”
Irrfan also considers the commercial viability of a project while signing it. He says, “You have to look at it. But you can look at it only up to a limit. It is not in your hands. You leave that thing to the producer, who looks at the viability, rather than taking everything onto you. ”
So has his approach to the craft changed over the years? “It has to change. Even as a person you have to change. You cannot be the same person, what you were a year or six months ago, because every day you are confronting life and every day you are getting something out of it – good or bad. I believe in one thing that I should to be open to change. Otherwise, there is no point of being in this job.”
The actor, who has been in the industry for nearly three decades, plans to produce films as well. “As a producer, I would like to support stories which I like — whether I am part of it as an actor or not. I have started the process already, though gradually. It is not just for the sake it. It will be only those films, which are viable — important and need to be told — and they have the potential of entertainment. So I’d like to bring those stories to the big screen.”
The actor will next be seen in Hindi Medium, Doob: No Bed Of Roses and a Tanuja Chandra film.