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Imtiaz: I don't need to worry about critics..


New Delhi, April 15 -- Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali has found a new way to tell stories. The 44-year-old, popular for making love stories starring A-list Bollywood stars, has released a short film on Indian sex workers, that has registered more than three lakh hits on YouTube in 10 days.

The director, however, says that he hasn't kept a tab on the numbers. "I never really took time out to check how many people have watched it. I am delighted that people like it," says Imtiaz, who has made big ticket films such as Jab We Met (2007), Rockstar (2011) and Tamasha (2015).

Asked why he thought of making a short film, Imtiaz says there are a number of points where short films score over full-length films. "I love making feature films, but there are just so many restrictions that come with making a film. For a short film, I don't have to worry about the critics. Since they don't release in theatres, I don't have to worry about how much money they make. They go beyond censorship and I can actually play around with ideas. Ab main apne saare keede nikaal sakta hun. I will expect more from myself now," he says.