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Never felt the pressure to be in the Rs. 100 crore club: Imran

Imran Khan

He may be Aamir Khan’s nephew, but Bollywood has been a rollercoaster ride for Imran Khan so far. The actor has had some successful films, but he’s had his share of failures too. Ask him how he deals with them and he calls them part of his journey.

With a new release lined up for next month, we chat with him about the film and more.

Despite attempting other genres, it’s the rom-coms that seem to have worked best for you.
It seems to be so. In fact, I’ve only had success with first-time directors, and they tend to make such films.

Do you think your recent spat with Ekta Kapoor will have any repercussions?
I doubt there’ll be any. I don’t imagine any blood, vendetta. I’ve always maintained a dignified silence and avoided unpleasantness.

But a public spat must’ve caused some damage, because you’ve never been a controversial actor. It may have, but the fact that I’ve never been in any controversies has worked in my favour. I’ve had a squeaky clean image, so no negativity sticks with me.

Your contemporaries are doing well. Do you feel the need to be part of the coveted Rs100 crore club?
I’ve never felt that pressure. I’ve always only felt the need to do films that will make me proud. Sometimes, what you want doesn’t happen and some films don’t turn out the way you would imagine them to, so it’s disheartening. But for the time that I’ve been around and of all the movies I’ve done, I’m happy with most of them and not ashamed of anything.

Why don’t you take up multiple projects at the same time?
I’m not capable of multitasking. When I’m doing one film, my focus is solely on that. So if I get other scripts during that time, I can’t even get myself to read them. It creates a gap, but that’s fine.

Do you feel a sense of competitiveness with your peers?
Someone else’s success or failure doesn’t make a difference to me. They’re all my contemporaries, and if someone has a series of flops, it won’t do much to me. Everyone’s here to do their own work.

Your pairing with Kareena Kapoor has worked well in the past. How are you expecting your next film to do?
Bebo and I inherently have good sync. Somehow, we fell in the groove from the beginning. We have good chemistry. Gori Tere Pyar Mein is different from Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (2012). Punit (Malhotra, director) and I have worked together previously, so it was quicker and more fun this time.