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Imran takes wife on a babymoon!

Actor Imran Khan and wife Avantika seem to be on a vacation-hopping spree. The couple, who just returned from an overseas holiday, and was in town for a week, has once again taken off for yet another quick holiday.

A source close to the actor reveals, “Imran and Avantika are expecting their first-born. He thought it would be nice to go on a babymoon, so they have taken off to London. They were in the city for a week and even celebrated Imran’s birthday on Monday (January 13). The next day, they left for their British holiday.”

It seems Imran wants to spend as much time as he can with Avantika. The source says, “Last year, Imran didn’t have a breather. Every time he thought of taking a vacation, his shooting schedules didn’t let him. In fact, he couldn’t take a break for even a few days in a row. So he wanted to make it up by spending a lot of time with Avantika, as his next project will take off only in a couple of months.”

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