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Imran Khan's wife wants to holiday!

Imran Khan

Mumbai, Nov. 30 -- Imran Khan has been busy this year with hectic schedules and back-to-back shoots for his films. The actor, who hasn't had much time to spend with his wife, Avantika Malik, has been wanting to go on a holiday with her for a while. But each time, his professional commitments led to the couple cancelling their plans. In fact, Avantika has been telling him to take her on a holiday, now that he has some free time.     

A source close to the actor reveals, "Now that his last release, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (GTPM) has hit the screens, he has some time for himself and Avantika. The couple will take off for a holiday soon. Things are being worked out."     

Ask Imran about this and he says, "Avantika isn't just asking me, she has been laying down the law. All our holiday plans for the year got cancelled. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara took long and so our summer vacation didn't work out. Then, when we were supposed to head out to Germany in September, there was some work to be done with GTPM. So this vacation is long overdue."     

Imran, who is currently down with the flu, adds that before he begins his next project, Bhavesh Joshi, he will take Avantika on a vacation. He says, "We're aiming to     begin the shoot in February or March, but a lot of work is still pending. The script is yet to be locked, among other things. So until there's clarity on all that, I'll be here. But we will certainly go on a holiday. We haven't finalised the location yet, but we've begun planning."