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Imran Khan's family holiday!

Imran Khan


Mumbai, Feb. 1 -- Imran Khan, who enjoyed a long paternity break after the birth of his daughter, Imara Malik Khan, recently got some more time with the baby and his wife, Avantika. The actor was to shoot for Nikhil Advani's film in Rajasthan, but a sudden reschedule led to him planning an impromptu holiday in Goa.

A source close to Imran reveals, "Four days before shooting started at a lake in Rajasthan, some members of the film's unit went there to do a recce, and learnt that the lake had dried up, so the shoot would have to be postponed."

The actor immediately planned a quick getaway for his family. "Imran, Avantika and their seven-month-old daughter, Imara, landed in Goa on Tuesday (January 27) and will return to the city today (February 1), as Imran begins shooting here next week. They've had a fun holiday," says the source.

When contacted, Imran says, "This was Imara's first trip outside the city. She played in the sea and had a blast. It was also a good break for Avantika and me."