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Imran Khan is 'mentally challenged', tweets Rawail

Imran Khan


New Delhi, June 26 -- Actor Imran Khan's recent remark about director Rahul Rawail - "Is Rahul Rawail still around?" - has brought back some ghosts from the past.

For the uninitiated, back in 2010, at the screening of actor Ranbir Kapoor's Raajneeti, Rahul reportedly overheard Imran's wife, and Ranbir's alleged ex, Avantika Malik make some unsavoury comments about the film.

This irked Rahul, who also wrote about it on social media. The episode apparently led to discord between Imran and his friend Ranbir.

Cut to present. Imran was recently asked about this friendship gone sour by a Mumbai tabloid, when he replied saying, "Is Rahul Rawail still around? He had a grudge against Avantika because she'd rejected his Buddha Mil Gaya when (she was) working for a studio after it had been greenlit. After the story came out, I called Ranbir, told him this hadn't happened. He had enough regard for me to take my word for it and not that of a third person who wanted to get his name in the papers or curry favour with someone."

This has not gone down well with either Rahul or his nephew, actor Rajat Rawail, who has reacted saying, "Imran Khan needs a reality check. It was Mr. Aamir Khan that went from pillar to post promoting "Jaane Tu...". Imran Khan's claim to fame is "Once upon a time 2" [he ruined the brand franchise]". That's not all. The Love Story director called Imran "mentally challenged". "My sympathies with this mentally challenged person," tweeted Rahul.