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Imran Khan goes from acting to scriptwriting..

Imran Khan


Looks like Imran Khan now wishes to venture into a career beyond acting. The actor, who says he is interested in producing and directing a film, admits that those are orientations he will take to later. However, he does see himself getting into scriptwriting soon.

Imran, who has a degree in the subject, says, “I feel writing is something I want to do. I feel encouraged to pursue that with every film I do and script I read. So, I will start writing soon,” says the actor.

Imran adds that his love for the art of writing and thinking about the film-making process also keep him excited and involved in the projects he works on.

“I feel excited while working with other actors and directors. During the process, I don’t just sit and listen to the director’s narration of a scene, but talk about how the scene will be shot, staged and picturised,” he says.