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Imran Khan is a fan of his director!

Imran Khan


New Delhi, Sept. 11 -- Actor Imran Khan's upcoming film that has been helmed by Kal Ho Na Ho director Nikhil Advani, is already being compared to the 2003 superhit, that featured actors Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta.

However, Khan says that his film is different. "I think people are comparing the two films because both are love stories. But just in terms of the entire feel and space of the film, this one is much more organic. This is my twelfth film and I must say that Nikhil is open to opinions," Imran says.

He adds that while most directors don't show the film to the actors till it's about to release, Nikhil makes sure he takes feedback much in advance.

"I have done many films and it has happened (in the past) that a film is releasing on Friday, and I'm watching it on Thursday. So I don't really know what I have been promoting. Nikhil is the first one to show the film not only to us, but to all those (from the crew) who want to see it. He also asks for feedback. It's incredible how the man has absolutely no fear," says the actor.