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Imran Khan adds a tattoo on his chest!

Imran Khan


Mumbai, April 9 -- Several Bollywood actors sport tattoos, and Imran Khan is among them. The actor, who has been inked twice before - on his neck and arm - recently added a third tattoo, on his chest.

The design this time is a unique one as it features footprints of his 10-month-old daughter, Imara. The doting father got inked during a family holiday in Goa this January.

A source close to Imran says, "He wanted to get something special done as soon as Imara was born. He was sure it would be unusual, but he did not have a particular design in mind. Finally, he decided on this one."

Explaining how the idea originated, the source adds, "Imran's mother had his footprints etched on a piece of paper, which she has treasured all these years. That's where the thought came from. He eventually decided to get it done by a tattoo artiste in Goa, who has designed one of his previous tattoos as well."

When contacted, Imran confirmed the story and added, "Imara is my firstborn, and I wanted a tattoo that I would cherish forever."