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Imran, Avantika to become parents in June!

Imran Khan is all set to become a father. His wife, Avantika Malik, is 12-weeks pregnant and is expected to deliver the baby in June next year. Naturally excited, the actor says, “Avantika was sick a few months ago. She suspected dengue and I thought they were signs of pregnancy. We went for a check-up and she tested positive for both. However, since she was pregnant, she could not take any medication for dengue. We let some time pass and now she’s fine.”

He also shares, “Initially, we just told our mothers. Then Aamir (Khan) and Kiran (Rao), got to know and they were ecstatic too.”

Kiran, who is mother to a two-year-old son, Azad, has even asked the couple not to shop too much for the baby.

“She’s going to pass on all of Azad’s stuff to us. A very fancy pram is already on its way,” says Imran.

On a fun note, Imran adds that while he hopes to have a girl, Avantika wants a boy. Meanwhile, the couple plan to go on a vacation soon. Imran says, “The second trimester is pretty easy as there’s no morning sickness, so Avantika should be able to travel.”

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