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Fake Imran approaches Pritish Nandy!

Imran Khan


Mumbai, June 6 -- Imran Khan, who seemed to have an impersonator on Twitter, has had two eventful days dealing with the situation.

The person running the account had been having conversations with the actor's fans and even with producer Pritish Nandy.    

The handle (@ ImranKhanSpeak) gained thousands of followers soon after it was started earlier this week. A source close to the actor says, "It was really strange, because Imran used to be on Twitter but he went off the site years ago. The impersonator tweeted to Pritish and even suggested that they should meet soon. You can't blame Pritish for believing him because the handle had gained many followers and several interactions had happened with Imran's fans. In fact, a tweet was even sent out saying that he's back on the site and was there to stay."    

However, the account has now been deactivated. Imran, who is highly amused by the situation, says, "I personally contacted people at Twitter and asked them to look into the matter. They've been very helpful in this case and have taken the necessary action. Even I was surprised to see what was happening on the site."