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Bollywood boys to undergo makeovers!

Imran Khan

Mumbai, Nov. 19 -- Fans of Imran Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh will soon see their stars in completely new looks. Incidentally, the three actors are all going in for makeovers to suit their roles in their upcoming films that are set to release next year.  

Imran will be working on his physique for Bhavin Joshi, which is supposedly a superhero film about a Gujarati boy. The actor has already begun adhering to a strict diet and has been working out regularly too. In a recent interview, he told us, Everything has been cut out from ly life, along with salt and oil. No sauces, no oil... everything I eat is either baked or grilled.     

"Everything has been cut out from my life, along with salt and oil, right now. Only the smallest quantity is allowed. There is only a little salt sprinkled on top of the steak that I have for dinner, but nothing on the potatoes or anything. No sauces, no oil... everything I eat is either baked or grilled."     

While, Shahid Kapoor will go in for a drastic change in his hairstyle for Haider, director Mohit Suri says Riteish's "personality will be revamped" altogether for The Villain.     A source close to Shahid reveals, "He has always been seen in long hair or spikes. This time, he's going to go in for the classic crew cut. And no, he won't be going bald, as reports have suggested."     

Riteish, who will be seen playing a character with grey shades, will be made to look slightly villainous. "His character and look will both be intense with a slightly dark side to them. We will opt for something simple," says Mohit.