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Baby girl for Imran, Avantika!

Imran Khan

Mumbai, June 10 -- At 10 am on June 9, Bollywood actor Imran Khan and his wife, Avantika Malik, became the parents of a healthy baby girl.

The cesarean section (C-section) surgery took place at a boutique suburban hospital. Although Imran remained unavailable to speak to us, a friend of the actor's revealed that the delivery took place as per schedule. "On Saturday, Imran and Avantika visited their doctor for a regular check-up since she was approaching her due date. That day, they figured that a normal delivery would not be possible, so they opted for a C-section instead. Avantika was admitted to the hospital the following night," says the friend, adding, "All three of them will be able to go home after a few days. For now, all their close friends and family members are visiting them at the hospital."

Funnily enough, while speaking to us in the past, Imran had revealed that he was placing his bets on a baby girl. He had said, "I've been rooting for a girl, while Avantika thinks it will be a boy." Back home, a lot of clothes, toys and even a pram have been passed on to the new parents by their aunt, Kiran Rao.