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Huma's new hobby..

Huma Qureshi


Mumbai, Feb. 7 -- Huma Qureshi, who has been fond of poetry since her childhood, has recently developed an interest in Urdu verses. Although the actor has read poetry in other languages, she is fascinated by Urdu, so she feels her quest won't be complete without understanding poetry in this language too.

"Huma feels that in Urdu, words are woven together in a beautiful manner, which gives poems a deeper meaning," reveals a source close to her, adding, that after reading a few Urdu poems recently, the actor was so intrigued that she started collecting books with poetry in the language. "She is trying to get her hands on as many books as she can. She already has a small collection, but is constantly looking to expand it," says the source.

When contacted, Huma confirms the development and says, "Poetry or Urdu shayari has so much beauty in the way it is written and recited. The interest in Urdu poetry has come to me very late. I wish I had discovered this gigantic treasure earlier."