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Huma's all for a cause!

Huma Qureshi


New Delhi, Nov. 17 -- It seems Huma Qureshi literally believes in the saying - charity begins at home.

The actor hosted a get-together at her residence sometime last week, and after the party, called a group of youngsters (who work for betterment of the underprivileged) to distribute the leftover food from the party among the poor.

"Huma does not like wasting food, so she got in touch with some people in Bandra, who volunteered to deliver the food to the underprivileged," says a source close to the actor.

When contacted, Huma says, "We all have get-togethers at home, and I am sure everyone feels the pinch of the extra food getting wasted. So, I make sure that the arrangement for the leftover food is done before the party begins."

The actor also insures that the food that gets left over is delivered on time. "Normally, parties or gatherings at her place get over late in the night. So, she sends the surplus food to the watchman of her society, from whom the youngsters collect and distribute it to the needy. She also connects with NGOs like Ashram Yuva Group and Karmayog for this purpose," adds the source.