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Huma takes a ferry from Gateway..

Huma Qureshi


Mumbai, Feb. 10 -- When it comes to her work, Huma Qureshi seems to understand the importance of being punctual in order to meet deadlines quite well. This character trait of hers became clear recently, when the actor had to go to Alibaug for a shoot.

The car that was arranged for Huma hadn't come on time. So, instead of waiting for the vehicle to arrive and take her to Alibaug, she apparently opted to travel by public transport.

"The private car would have taken hours to reach her, and, after that, it would have taken even longer for her to reach the venue by road. So, being the non-fussy actor that she is, she proposed to travel with the rest of the crew by the local ferry, as she didn't want to delay the shoot," says a source.

The ferry to Mandwa took them barely half-an-hour, while getting there by road would have taken far longer. From the port, the team then travelled to Alibaug. "The members of the crew who were waiting for the rest of the team on the other side were impressed by Huma's decision," says the source.

Huma will soon be seen in Sriram Raghavan's Badlapur that also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui.