Huma Qureshi
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Huma says that she is glad to be living with her brother!


Huma Qureshi and her brother Saqib Saleem made their debuts in Bollywood in 2012 and 2011. Though Huma is the older sibling, Saqib managed to make his debut a year earlier than her. 
“We joke about how he is my ‘senior’ in the industry. We are from Delhi and no one from our family was ever involved in films but we were total film buffs. Even though we had no connection with films, we would discuss movies all the time. It just so happened that we entered the industry around the same time,” says Huma.
While their parents continue to live in Delhi, Saqib and Huma live together in Mumbai and Huma says that it’s a blessing to live with her brother. 
“I am so glad that we live together. We share responsibilities at home and it’s nice to have the support of your sibling. Now, after this, I don’t think I can live alone. It’s nice to come back home to someone. Saqib and I watch tv, movies, eat food, play video games, party and hang out together. I am not too fond of household chores so I pass them on to Saqib.” (chuckles)
Along with films, Huma says that Saqib is also her biggest supporter and helps her reach her fitness goals. In fact, he has been the biggest motivation for her to do a 30 day healthy eating challenge, she recently took up. 
“Saqib has always been extremely fitness conscious. He played cricket and was particular about health and food. Over time, I have also realised that healthy food can be cooked interestingly and doesn’t always have to be bland. For my 30 day challenge, I prepared every meal and stuck to it.”
Talking about their equation, she adds, “Saqib and I share a healthy competition. Sometimes when we work out together, neither of us gives up and lets the other get a upper hand so that way, he is competitive.”