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Huma Qureshi: Parents' pride!

Huma Qureshi


Mumbai, Jan. 21 -- Huma Qureshi recently won an award for her performance in Abhishek Chaubey's Dedh Ishqiya (2014), and the accolade has left her parents beaming with pride. So much so, that the actor's mother and father have asked her to leave the trophy with them so that they can put it up in their house in the capital.

"They have asked her to carry it to Delhi when she comes there next time. They want to place it in their living room so that their guests can see it whenever they visit," says an insider.

Ever since Huma won the award, she has been receiving congratulatory calls and messages from her friends, family and well-wishers.

When we contacted Huma, she confirmed the news, saying, "My parents had loved the film, and are elated by the kind of response it has received. And yes, they have asked me for one of the awards from the season to keep it as a memento in our Delhi house."