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Huma Qureshi: 'It's important to love your body'

Huma Qureshi


New Delhi, July 31 -- She hit headlines for making a statement about her body, posing on the cover of a magazine that highlighted her curves. And, when we caught up with her recently, actor Huma Qureshi re-iterated that it's more about body image than just being unapologetic about one's curves.    

"Whether you are curvy or bony - it's important to love your body. The foremost thing is being healthy and there shouldn't be any compromise on that," she told us, adding: "I, too, constantly strive towards being healthy, whether it be my hair, skin or body, And, I think for every girl that's extremely important."    

The Delhi girl, who walked the runway for designer duo Rimple and Harpreet Narula at the recently-concluded couture week in the city, also added that she believes it's the stereotypes that the society needs to shrug off. "I don't think we should have a particular idea or notion of what beauty is, because, with that, we are setting really bad role models for youngsters to follow. In general, in fashion and the beauty world, there is a constant shift towards loving yourself and for loving your body for what it is," says the Dedh Ishqiya actor, who rung in her 28th birthday on Monday.    

And does she see the positive change in Bollywood too? "I would say so, because you know, a lot of my contemporaries are also curvy women. I think it's wonderful!" she told us, as she signed off, saying, "And, honestly, I've never had a guy tell me that curvy is not pretty, so there you go!"