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Huma prays for Kashmiris' safety!

Huma Qureshi


Mumbai, April 5 -- Actor Huma Qureshi bears great attachment to the Valley of Kashmir. After torrential rainfall flooded the state in September last year, the unseasonal rain has once again put the people there at risk.

"The flood alert has made Huma anxious about the region and its people. She continuously prays for their safety," says a source close to the actor. Huma's mother, Ameena Qureshi, and her grandparents hail from Kashmir.

The source also adds that the actor has fond memories of her childhood visits to Kashmir. "Her grandparents have lived there for a long time. She used to visit them during her summer vacations as a child," the source says, adding, "Now, because of her schedule, she does not visit them as often, but she is emotionally attached to the Valley."

When contacted, Huma said, "I have very fond memories of Kashmir from my childhood days. I just hope the people are safe and the place regains its natural beauty. These are trying times, and all our prayers are with the people of Kashmir."