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Huma to give a talk on women's empowerment..

Huma Qureshi


Mumbai, Sept. 27 -- Bollywood actors usually visit colleges to promote their films. But, Huma Qureshi plans to spend time with young students for a different reason.

After being invited to be the speaker at seminars conducted by several educational institutes, the actor has decided to attend an event soon. Huma, who recently delivered an impressive speech at a youth theatre festival in the city, has been asked to address students on several topics. "In the last two months, about five city colleges have invited her to be the speaker at their seminars.

They want her to speak on topics like the condition of women in India, women's empowerment, Bollywood's leading ladies and globalisation of Bollywood," says a source close to the actor.

Despite having a busy schedule, Huma has asked her team to accommodate a session with at least one college every month. "She has asked her team to adjust her schedule and make time for her to attend a seminar once a month. She believes that she can make a difference as a celebrity by sharing her experiences. She will start visiting these colleges soon," says the source.

When contacted, Huma confirms the news, saying, "Interactive sessions at such forums are always insightful. I will try to attend as many as I can."