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Family time for Huma!

Huma Qureshi


Mumbai, July 3 -- Although she has a busy shooting schedule, Huma Qureshi has made time to begin the auspicious month of Ramadan with her family.

The actor's parents have flown down from Delhi for the first few rozas.    source says, "The entire family had planned to get together this year for Ramadan. This will be their first rozas in the new house that Huma bought a few months ago. A day before Ramadan, Huma had a busy eve-vening preparing for the first sehri. The entire family got together for the early morning feast."

The actor's parents will stay with her for a few more days before going back.    "Huma is shooting every day, but she will try andd keep as many rozas as possible," says the source, adding, "Her family means a lot to her. Recently, she took time off to show support for her brother Saqib Saleem's film. She spent a whole week with her parents, who flew down for the release of his film."    

On being contacted, Huma says, "Ramdan is special for us and we ensure that we eat together at iftar time."