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Family matters for Huma!

Huma Qureshi


Mumbai, May 7 -- For Huma Qureshi, taking a break from work to be with her brother is no big deal. Recently, when she took time off to support Saqib Saleem, who has an upcoming film, she ended up having a family reunion. Her parents also flew down from New Delhi to support their son.    

A source close to Huma says, "Huma and Saqib share a close bond and, with his film releasing this week, Huma has taken time off to be there for him. She ensured that she had a whole week free prior to the release and has also put on hold some workshops and meetings with her stylist for her upcoming film. She had informed the production house in advance that she would need this time off."    

Earlier this week, Saqib held special screenings for people from the industry, his family and close friends. "With their parents also coming down, it has turned into a family get-together. Huma has been spending quality time with them as well," adds the source.