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Sussanne: 'It's only about Hrithik and me'

Hrithik Roshan

Mumbai, Dec. 20 -- Around a week ago, the news that Hrithik Roshan and his wife Sussanne have split sent shock waves through Bollywood. And Arjun Rampal somehow came under the scanner as some reports suggested that he might be the reason behind the break-up. On Wednesday (December 18) though, Sussanne broke her silence and came to Arjun's rescue at the event to launch her store.    

"They (Arjun and his wife Mehr Jesia) are very good friends of mine and Hrithik. We have always been a close-knit friends' circle. So to blame anyone else in this situation is very bad. It's (the break-up) only about Hrithik and me and no one else," said Sussanne at what was her first public appearance after the news of her split broke.    

When asked about the reason behind the much-publicised break-up, Sussanne only said, "Wajah kuch nahi hai (there is no reason). It's just that sometimes in life, you have to do that, right?" And even as Sussanne cleared the air, Arjun's wife, Mehr, stood by her husband's side. "Sussane has always been family to both of us and she is going to continue to be that regardless of what the press or anyone else has to say. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion about everything. That family (Roshans) will always be   family to us," said Mehr.    

Arjun, on his part, maintained that "what happens in people's personal lives, should be no one else's business." He added, "I think we should leave it at that. And all of you (media), if you really want to be responsible, you should too leave it at that."