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SRK, Aamir praise Hrithik..

Hrithik Roshan


New Delhi, Nov. 5 -- While actors are often pitted against each other, there are times when they have no qualms in going all out to compliment their contemporaries. Recently, Hrithik Roshan experienced this camaraderie when Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan praised the actor on a social networking site.

"I feel good when somebody whom I am inspired by, gets inspired by me. It just goes on to show that we are not separated ... we are all on the same journey, and are here to inspire one another," says Hrithik.

It all started when a few days ago, Hrithik tweeted: "Nite trainin. Swet n rain. Nevr let ur mood or d clock get in d way of ur work or workouts. Discipline wil set u free (sic)." This tweet got thumbs up by both the Khans, who replied in praise of the actor.