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Kangana is imagining things: Hrithik Roshan


New Delhi, March 17 -- Linkups and rumoured linkups aren't new to Bollywood. However, actors Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan are taking it to a whole new level.

The contents of the legal notice that the two have sent to each other have opened a can of worms. The legal notice that Hrithik sent to Kangana, seeking an apology from her for referring to him as her "silly ex" in an interview, reportedly alleges that Hrithik has 1,439 mails from Kangana, most of them "senseless, personal, and absurd."

It even claims that Kangana, who almost stalked him, suffers from Asperger's, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Kangana in turn has sent a legal notice to him, refusing to apologise. It states that Hrithik has been communicating with her through a secret email id.

His notice says Kangana is imagining things, as he didn't have any communication with her and that she was communicating with an imposter, which he realised at a party hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar, where Kangana mentioned about communicating with him, and that's when he gave her his real email id, which Kangy flooded with emails.

Kangana in her notice has accused him of hacking into her account to delete her mails as it would have affected his divorce proceedings with his ex-wife Sussanne Khan.

In fact, Kangana has threatened to sue him for defamation if he made those emails public.

"If he circulates her emails, images and/or other material which your client willingly received in good faith from my client then it shall be rightfully deemed that your client is wilfully seeking to not only defame her and issue unwarranted threats. She will then have no option but to file criminal proceedings," reads the notice.

Hrithik's lawyer Dipesh Mehta told us he wouldn't like to comment on the legal notice as he would sit with his people and decide the course of action first. A source close to Kangana says, "Kangana doesn't feel the need to apologise, she feels she has done nothing wrong."