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Hrithik: The truth really sets you free..


With his recent release Kaabil still going strong at the box office, the celebrations are continuing for actor Hrithik Roshan.

Talking about the success and failure he has endured in his 17-year career, he says that he always knows the fate of his films even before they’re released.

“I have never been disappointed with the result of any of my films, because I already know, after seeing the first cut of the film, how good or bad it is,” says Roshan.

Before the release of Kaabil, there were reports of a tiff between Roshan and Ashutosh Gowariker, the director of Roshan’s 2016 big-ticket release Mohenjo Daro. It was reported that the failure of the Rs 150 crore film started a blame game between the two.

Trashing those reports, Roshan says, “That’s immature. Making a film in itself should be a fulfilling process. If you don’t enjoy that, then you only have yourself to blame. So, I’m not a person who ever blames another, neither do I complain or explain. The failure of Mohenjo Daro was a very centring experience, because in the failure, you seek the truth and the truth really sets you free.”

Unlike other actors, Roshan has no qualms about accepting that his work in the past has not been up to the mark “When you’re young, you don’t really know what to look forward to when things don’t work out in your career. The simple things you learn are basics, which is courage. Take the hit, move forward and still believe that the best will manifest [itself] in a big way. Now when I look back at those films, it’s very evident why those films didn’t do well. My work in those film wasn’t good at all. You need to understand that your results are a way to stimulate yourself and to recalibrate yourself, your directors and thoughts about certain things,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor is celebrating the success of Kaabil, produced by his father Rakesh Roshan, and gives his fans the credit of making it big. “This is a huge victory,” said the star in an earlier interview. “I want to thank all the Kaabil fans for making this happen. It’s unprecedented and I feel especially happy for my father, who remains one of the few active and successful non-corporatised producers in our film industry. My gratitude to all the forces who made this happen.”