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Hrithik-Sussanne: Kids first!

Hrithik Roshan


Mumbai, Aug. 2 -- Earlier this week, certain reports sparked rumours that Sussanne Khan (she has dropped the surname 'Roshan' from all official communication) had demanded '400 crore as alimony from Hrithik Roshan (they issued a statement in December, 2013, revealing that they were separating). On August 1, we reported that Hrithik had taken to Twitter to call the buzz "fabricated".

Now, speaking to any media for the first time about the issue, Hrithik tells us: "Even through this trying time, both Sussanne and I are finding our individual happiness. I guess some people just can't bear to see other people conquering their lives in spite of ordeals and being happy (sic)." The actor's official spokesperson adds that Hrithik and Sussanne are on amicable terms, and that their priority is the future of their children. "Their focus and only priority are their beautiful children," the spokesperson says, adding that Hrithik wants to ensure that his family is happy and well-looked after.

Echoing what a source close to the actor had told us earlier, the spokesperson says, "Finance and money have not even been a topic of discussion between Hrithik and Sussanne. They are both wonderful people going through a difficult time, and are very caring, dignified and cordial with each other, and spend time together with their sons on all occasions. They remain in touch for everything around the kids."