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Hrithik Roshan takes time off to recover!

Hrithik Roshan

Mumbai, Nov. 22 -- Looks like directors Karan Malhotra and Sidharth Anand will have to wait longer for their shooting schedule to begin as lead actor Hrithik Roshan has taken some time off to recover from his persistent headaches.    

"Before I get ready to resume the shooting of my next, Bang Bang (directed by Anand), in early January 2014 and later Shuddhi (directed by Malhotra) - I will be taking some time off to recover completely from the recurring headaches that have resurfaced in the the last couple of weeks. Both films are physically demanding and I am confident that your love and prayers will heal me completely," says Hrithik.    

Over the past month, Hrithik went all out to promote his superhero film, Krrish 3. And although reports suggest that he might be going to the US for a treatment, the actor hasn't made any comment about it.    Earlier this year, on July 7, he underwent a brain surgery in Mumbai to get a blood clot removed. Hrithik had told HT Cafe that his headaches have kept him away from his workouts as well.