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Hrithik Roshan-Rishi Kapoor: Mutual love!

Hrithik Roshan


Mumbai, May 26 -- A few days back, Hrithik Roshan was referred to as a "Greek God" by Rishi Kapoor on Twitter.

While the former is used to receiving such praise, this time it was special for him because it came from an industry veteran. Kapoor had tweeted, "Sorry. Hritik, my kid, how could I forget. Sorry Duggu you are The Greek God!!! Love you bachcha (sic)."

A source says, "Hrithik has a lot of respect for Rishi sir. When he called him a Greek God, he was really touched because Rishi sir is someone he's grown up around. He has always been one of Hrithik's favourite actors. He also feels that whenever he feels low, Rishi sir always finds a way to reach out to him, and boost his morale with the help of some motivational messages."

Incidentally, Kapoor is close to Hrithik's father, Rakesh Roshan, too. Hrithik couldn't be reached for a comment.