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Hrithik Roshan: 'Life's been quite easy'

Hrithik Roshan


New Delhi, Sept. 26 -- For Hrithik Roshan, 40, the past few months have been trying times owing to both physical (he underwent brain surgery) and emotional (he separated from wife Sussanne) reasons. But the actor says the journey in itself has been a great victory.

Have the past few months, after your split from Sussanne, been difficult?

In a way, yes. But they have been very enlightening, too. It has also been very easy because once you overcome the toughest challenge, the rest of the things become really simple. It has actually been quite simple and easy.

Was working on your new film challenging due to the emotional turmoil in your life?

It was more challenging due to emotional reasons. But that's where the mental muscle comes in. It's the happiest character I've played and the brightest film I've done at a time when my life was in deep contrast to that.

Last year, your equation with Salman apparently took a hit.

I don't have any so-called bad equation with any human being in the world. I'm not that kind of a person. If I was not on Salman's show, I was probably sitting on his sofa, chatting with him at his house. It's silly to say that if I'm not working with him, we don't share a good friendship.

Your decision to walk out of Karan Johar's next (now starring Salman) made big news.

It's a big film. Whatever news comes out of a big film will make big news. But it's fine. They didn't want to wait anymore. So, I gave them a nice and dignified way out.

Talks are that you might work with Rob Cohen (director of The Fast and the Furious)...

It's not official yet. We're still working something out. It's happening, that's obvious. He has come down twice and spent two weeks here.