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Hrithik Roshan: I love challenges in life!

Hrithik Roshan


New Delhi, Sept. 24 -- Actor Hrithik Roshan, who has always been appreciated for his acting and dancing prowess and maintaining a fine physique, hints at eventually progressing to film direction.

Hrithik mentions that he has already taken a step in that direction, and has started working on a project, but is also quick to clear that it's not anytime soon that we will see him in the fullfledged role of a director.

"I hope to live till I am 90-years-old. I will be unstoppable and working till my last breath. Regarding directing a film, all I can say is that something has started in that direction," says Hrithik, also adding that he looks at it as a challenge, which he wishes to overcome. "I love challenges in life. When I was first asked about film direction, a sense of fear gripped me. I want to overcome that. May be in some time, I will take it up."

However, the actor, who will be seen alongside Katrina Kaif in his upcoming action thriller, says that he is satisfied with acting for the moment. "Someday when I have the right subject, I will seek dad's (Rakesh Roshan) guidance. And, if he feels that it is the right time, and so do my uncle (Rajesh Roshan), then I will take the plunge with all their support, but it will take time," he says.