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Hrithik: Ranveer ke liye jaan haazir hai..

Hrithik Roshan


New Delhi, Sept. 28 -- Actors Katrina Kaif and Hirthik Roshan, along with Siddharth Anand, director of upcoming film Bang Bang, came visiting the HT House on Thursday. Overwhelmed at the reception they got from the winners of HT City's Stars In The City contest, the cast also engaged in a freewheeling chat that led to some emotional moments.

While our winners professed love for their favourite stars, our celebrity guests were generous in thanking their fans. Hrithik not only obliged by dancing to the title track of the film but also lifted an awestruck fan and swirled her around, literally sweeping her off her feet.

We asked Hrithik what he thought of actor Ranveer Singh accepting the former's dare to pose publicly in the streets and in fact, going a step ahead by dancing to Hrithik's song in the Krrish costume. "He just filled me up with so much love. I think Ranveer is such a great example for all of us ... I asked him for just one thing and he gave back so much. Uske liye aaj se jaan haazir hai! The industry is a beautiful place. Yes there's competition but it's a healthy competition. You know, jahan dil ki baat hai we are together, we love each other."