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Hrithik parties with the Bachchans..

Hrithik Roshan


Mumbai, April 14 -- Kunal Kapoor and Naina Bachchan's wedding reception, held on April 11, in Delhi, was a star-studded affair. Kunal's childhood friend Hrithik Roshan was also part of the celebration.

But not many know that, in order to be present at the ceremony, the actor had to rush from the set of his next, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

Hrithik was shooting for the movie in Bhuj, Gujarat, and was not sure if he would be able to make it to Delhi at all.

"To be on the safer side, he had tentatively booked a flight ticket to Mumbai. Luckily, the pack-up happened just in time, and he rushed to catch the flight," says an insider.

Apparently, the actor was the last person to board the airplane. "He made it just 10 minutes before take-off. Since he made the journey in a jiffy, Hrithik hadn't even removed his make-up, and was seen boarding the flight in his pyjamas. People in the flight were surprised to see him like that," adds the insider.

The actor, after arriving in Mumbai, boarded the next available Delhi-bound flight. "Hrithik and Kunal are childhood friends. Kunal was pleasantly surprised to see him come all the way from Bhuj. At the function, Hrithik partied with Kunal, Naina and the Bachchans till late in the night," says the source.

Apparently, the following morning, Hrithik returned to Mumbai, and spent a couple of hours with his kids (Hrehaan and Hridhaan). "He had lunch with his sons, before flying back to Bhuj to resume work," says the insider. Despite repeated attempts, Hrithik couldn't be reached for a comment.