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Hrithik is hot, says Paris Hilton..

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New Delhi, Oct. 15 -- Hrithik Roshan has found a new fan in socialite and hotel heiress, Paris Hilton. The 33-year-old American met Hrithik at a restaurant launch in Dubai, and later tweeted, "Yes! He's Hot," after she was asked by friend Sheeraz Hasan if she would like to play his love interest in his next Bollywood film.

"Hey @ParisHilton do u want to be @ iHrithik love interest in his next Bollywood movie? (sic)," Hasan tweeted. Hilton went on to praise the 40-year-old actor, saying, "Hrithik's a gentleman, very sweet and charming, and we hung out all night. I have heard so much about Bollywood, and Hrithik represented India in the most elegant and romantic way! I can't wait to go back to India (she was last here in 2012). I love the culture, the people and the fashion ... India rocks."

Hilton had also retweeted a picture of the two at the event. The photo went viral instantly. Following the photo from Hilton, Hrithik also posted another picture of the two of them together, from the same event, and wrote, "With d extremely gentle n kind hearted Paris Hilton at Cle dubai. Now that's a spot dubai needs to celebrate! Amazing (sic)."