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Hrithik gets business savvy!

Hrithik Roshan


Mumbai, Sept. 13 -- Personal issues may have taken prominence in Hrithik Roshan's life for a year or so, but now, it's his line-up of films that looks most exciting.

When we caught up with the actor at HT's film critic, Anupama Chopra's Masterclass - an innovative concept on her YouTube channel, Film Companion - he told us about his equation with his father, film-maker Rakesh Roshan, and sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. He also discussed his knowledge of the film business.

You once mentioned that your father was very strict with you. Is he still like that?

He was, (but) now he's chilled out. I can finally go to him and say, 'What's up, dad?' Nowadays, when he gets upset with my sister (Sunaina Roshan), she just gives him a big hug, and he's like, 'But, but...'. Now, what will he do? She's just hugging him. You can't be angry. That's lovely.

Are you a strict or a lenient parent?

I am a mix of both. I give my kids a vision of what it would be like if they get up, stand strong and try again (if they fail at something).

You said that after Guzaarish (2010), you've learnt about the economics of cinema. How good a businessman do you consider yourself?

When you simplify it, it's pretty easy to be a businessman. First of all, it's about servicing someone; [so] you have to create a need. If the need is there, it'll work. If you have these little pointers in place, anyone can be a businessman. So, I guess I'm on my way to becoming one. Let's see what that does with me.

With some good scripts coming your way, can we expect to see you in more films?

I'm going to do two films next year. I'm not looking for movies; I'm looking at them. How's that better? They're there right in front of me, I'm looking at them.