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Hrithik flies to US!

Hrithik Roshan

Mumbai, Nov. 30 -- Earlier this year (on July 7), Hrithik Roshan underwent brain surgery in Mumbai. As a result, his original shooting schedules - for Bang Bang and Shuddhi - were pushed to November. This proved to be grist to the gossip mills which immediately went into overdrive.

Reports also emerged that Hrithik will be going to the US for a second surgery due to a relapse. And about a week ago, the actor told us in an email that he "will be taking some time off to recover completely from the recurring headaches that have resurfaced in the last couple of weeks".     

However, his father Rakesh Roshan rubbishes reports about the subsequent surgery. "Let me clarify that there is no question of a second surgery. He is going on vacation with his friends, during which he will get a test done (for his recurring headaches post-surgery)," says the film-maker.     

Roshan Sr refuses to reveal the identity of the "friends" in question, but he does reveal a bit of Hrithik's itinerary: "In a couple of days, Hrithik will fly to the UK. After spending a few days there, he will go to the US," says the veteran filmmaker. According to him, there's nothing to worry about, and the actor will be away for just a week or two.   

Apparently, Hrithik's sudden cancellation of his shoot has cost the makers of Bang Bang crores, since a lavish, European-style set was being constructed at Film City for a song. "At this point, Hrithik's health is more important. I'm sure money will be managed later on," says Roshan Sr.     

Around a week ago, Hrithik had stated he will be taking some time off to recover completely before he gets ready to resume shooting for Bang Bang in early January, followed by Shuddhi. He'd called both roles "physically demanding". Although the schedules are running late, Roshan Sr says that things will be back on track, as Hrithik will wrap up everything "in six months' time".     Despite repeated attempts, Hrithik could not be reached for comment.