Hrithik Roshan
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Drool drool, who's there? It's Hrithik Roshan walking the ramps!

Hrithik Roshan

By Tulsi, News Network

The Internet is drooling and dripping with images of Hrithik Roshan walking the ramp in uber style and ultra hotness! For those who don’t know, the sex God who’s known for his fashionable instincts has launched his own clothing brand on called HRX. Cool, bold and rugged comes very natural to Hrithik, and that’s what his collection is all about!

Walking the ramp for the first time, for Myntra Fashion Weekend’s closing show as the Showstopper, Hritik was excited to show off his new brand! Look what he’s got to say about it! “Power walk! Thank you for the most explosive ramp excitement! #pushyourextreme in the cool!” he tweets.

HRX is manufactured and retailed solely by Myntra, who aims to showcase a range of new designers with Myntra Fashion Weekend, and offers the consumers a direct fashion experience.  With a new concept and gorgeous celeb ramp walkers like Sushmita Sen, Ali Zafar and Hrithik, Myntra looks like it’s hitting a new level of success in branding itself as the fashion website of India!

Honestly, not sure if all the cool and casual boys can carry off HRX style, but as far as Hrithik is concerned, he looks absolutely delightful!